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Leadership Coaching and Consulting supports individuals, teams and businesses to reach their goals, saving time, maximising performance and developing motivated high-performing teams.

Rosemary operates on a portfolio

and freelance basis and has access

to an impressive network of professionals

who she can call on where necessary to

deliver larger-scale projects.


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> Individuals

Enabling you to develop and realise your full potential


Whatever role you have, in today's complex ever-changing environment there is never enough time to focus on your own leadership development.  Those that manage to,  save time, focus on the right activities and empower their people.  They take the role of leaders wherever they are in their career or business. 

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> SMEs

"All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become."

CC Consulting offers powerful coaching and consulting services to help you confirm your goals and make positive steps to achieving them.


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> Corporates

Corporate business solutions to achieve the results you want

Rosemary has worked as a successful consultant at Senior Management level for some of the biggest names in business, including KPMG, Shell, Birds Eye Walls and Zeneca. If you are looking for solutions for your business challenges, you won’t be disappointed.

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Solutions for your business challenges


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Recent Blogs 

Strategy - Applying Competitive Intelligence To Your Business


What is meant by Competitive Intelligence and how do you apply it for your business? There are numerous frameworks and models that are useful, however, I am going to point you to a number of key questions, the answers to which will significantly advance your CI activities.  Why?  If you don’t know as  your competition how are you going to beat them and stand out from the crowd?                                              READ MORE



Marketing - How to write your elevator pitch


An “elevator speech” is the speech you would give if you were in the elevator (i.e. lift for the British) with a  potential customer and you only had until they got out at the tenth floor to impress them with details about you and your services.  In summary, a relatively short description of what you do and the benefits you deliver.  A helpful, but by no means the only recommended structure, is to develop your sentences as follows:-                             READ MORE



People Management - How to lead your team


A good leader inslpires and motivates, leading the team from wherever they are.  Good leaders empower their teams by using three basic skills.   Effective leaders:- 1.  Ask, don’t tell.  Direct control is necessary and most appropriate in an emergency or a crisis period, however, it stifles innovation and empowerment at other times.  It is also a real energy drain on the leader who is required to pre-think, pre-plan and articulate directions for everything.                          READ MORE


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