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During my coaching, I meet great inspirational, inspiring, focused leaders who have the energy and commitment to succeed. They are ambitious high achievers and typically are fast-moving “can-doers”. This frequently means that they quickly acquire power, gained through their knowledge, experience and expertise. Sometimes, their abilities also get in the way of their progress. The road to success also means letting go, giving up power and listening to some key messages, that I have found myself repeating on a regular basis.

1.  Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. It might be quicker for you to “just do it”, however if you do, then you will always be doing. What can you delegate? What should you be doing as a leader vs what you are doing? See my blog on 5 key priorities for leaders.
2.  You need to step back to step up. The familiar saying I also hear is the need to “work on the business rather than just in it”. Move away from the day to day operational tasks to spend time on considering where your business (or role) is going, where you want it to go and what you need to do to get there.
3.  What’s got you to here might not get you to there. We tend to rely on what has worked for us in the past and we develop habits that we unconsciously use as they are familiar. Are they the right habits? What patterns of behaviour do you have that might have worked in the past but may be getting in the way now? What strengths might you not be using that could make all the difference to reaching your goals? If you made a list, would it number more than 4 or 5? Ask your trusted colleagues and spend some time reflecting on how these strengths could be used to better effect. I am known for reciting this old Chinese proverb “Develop your weaknesses and you will become strong, develop your strengths and you will become unique”.

What key messages do you have and have worked for you?