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Whenever I am coaching senior leaders, I ask them what they have in place to protect their intellectual property.  Many of them answer – “well, we don’t really have any IP” to which I point out to them, their brand, logo, name, blog content, marketing material, training material, articles ……etc etc.  The next concern is that protecting this IP will mean hiring IP lawyers, going through multiple IP patent categories and so on.  Well, to be fully protected, that is a route to consider.  The first, easy and immediate actions you can take, however, all of which are free (albeit that one has a price of a stamp!) are:-

1.  Put the little copyright symbol, name of your company, year of creation of the content and “All rights reserved” in the footer of every piece of material.

2.  Create a free account on and upload the document. MY OWS stands for my original works and this platform is a great location with additional copyright management functions included.  Luckily I have never had to road-test any of them.

3.  The old fashioned method.  Put the material in an envelope, post it back to yourself so that you get the postage date and then file it, unopened, somewhere safe.

What other methods have you come across?