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Some time ago, I wrote a blog called the 5/5/5 marketing approach.  Whilst coaching a client the other day about growing her business, I adapted this to fit in with her time commitment and preferences.  Nobody likes picking up the phone and many of us over-rely on email to make connections.  The reality is that we need to us every channel to keep in touch with potential, existing and even past customers.  This is where a process can help us.  Whether we don’t have the time, have “better” things to do or simply avoid the risk of being “rejected”.  The rule is that the first thing you do, every day is make 9 calls.

1.  Call 3 potential customers.  They may have been identified and you are already connected.  They may be a potential channel partner with whom you wish to set up an initial meeting.

2.  Call 3 existing customers.  Ask them how everything is going.  Whether there is anything new you should know about.  Is there anything more you can do…..etc etc.  You will have a better idea of the great questions you can ask to stay in touch with your customer.  These calls are particularly powerful if you have a larger business with Account Managers.  A courtesy call from the senior leader sends a positive message about how the customer is valued and appreciated in your company.

3.  Call 3 past customers.  Call it staying in touch and catching up with how them.  Very often it is your past customer who refers you to a new customer or considers buying from you again.  If you don’t contact, you don’t trigger that memory of your great service in their mind.  After all, they are very busy too.

So, pick up a piece of paper.  Draw two lines and then write the names of the 3/3/3 in each column.  Enter 3/3/3 into your calendar as a daily event/task and see what happens!  You never know, you could reach 15 targets in the next week.

Let me know your experiences.