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How to get the most from your vision

Do you get the most from your Vision?  There is a saying “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will do”. So what about your team and your suppliers. Do they know where you’re going and do they know how they can help you get...
The Leadership Radar

The Leadership Radar

Growing your business is very much like driving your car. You need to have a focus on three levels. First of all, the longer-term view down the road. Are you heading in the right direction? Is what the business doing going to get you to your goals? In fact, do you...

3 steps to more sales

Some time ago, I wrote a blog called the 5/5/5 marketing approach.  Whilst coaching a client the other day about growing her business, I adapted this to fit in with her time commitment and preferences.  Nobody likes picking up the phone and many of us over-rely on...