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EBW Emotional Intelligence for Business

Use the power of EI to build a successful, positive and motivated workforce

  • Validated leadership assessments proven to positively impact business performance and transform organisations
  • Work with one of the UK’s leading accredited Emotions & Behaviours at Work Emotional Intelligence for Business specialists
  • EBW Examines and Maximises emotional Intelligence to develop leadership potential and organisational success
  • The world’s leading objective measurement of behavioural traits tailored to your business
  • A certified assessment that provides a benchmark and reveals deep insights into what drives performance
  • Used globally by leading organisations including Disney, the Home Office, American Express and the NHS

Teams with higher engagement are: 

  • 50% more likely to have lower turnover.
  • 56% more likely to have higher-than-average customer loyalty.
  • 38% more likely to have above-average productivity.
  • 27% more likely to report higher profitability 

(P. Labarre (2001)

What Is EBW Emotional Intelligence?

The EBW is a highly accurate and reliable assessment of Emotional Intelligence in the workplace that enables businesses to significantly improve performance by assessing and developing the people who have the potential to transform organisations. 

Based on over 15 years of worldwide use and research, the EBW creates business value by enabling organisations to understand why people behave the way they do and how to maximise their engagement with, and performance at work. 

There is a growing body of science in the field of Emotional Intelligence at work, indicating that the proper understanding and use of emotions is critical in helping leaders and teams become more effective and better communicators.

“Emotional intelligence is the ability to perceive emotions, to access and generate emotions so as to assist thought, to understand emotions and emotional knowledge, and to reflectively regulate emotions so as to promote emotional and intellectual growth.

– Mayer & Salovey, 1997

The EBW compares an individual’s results with a large international normative database providing a better benchmark for success and highlighting the critical areas leaders and teams need to focus on.  The database is constantly being refreshed and can be segmented for highly specific peer analysis from organisations across the world.

The link between EQ and leadership was clear at PepsiCo. In a pilot project, executives selected for EQ competencies far outperformed their colleagues, delivering:

  • 10% increase in productivity.
  • 87% decrease in executive turnover ($4m).
  • $3.75m added economic value.
  • Over 1000% return on investment.

How we work

The success and results that CC Consulting can achieve for your business are exceptional. We have a track record of successfully working in challenging business environments and motivating at all levels.

Our success comes down to the following attributes:

  • Action-centred and work-based context
  • Measured before, during and after attendance
  • Blended to deliver paced learning
  • Facilitated learning using coaching approach
  • Bespoke tailored approach focused on agreed objectives with measurable results
  • All CPD accredited


I found undertaking the EBW assessment refreshing and insightful. The report it generated I found to be accurate and useful confirming many of the things I need to work on. However the most useful part of the exercise was the feedback discussion I had with Rosemary (the EBW practitioner). She was able to explain the various nuances of the report and put the results into context. She also helped me to reflect on the changes I had begun to make in my leadership style and helped me focus on the further changes I could make to improve further. I would recommend this exercise and process for all leaders hoping to better their leadership style and indeed themselves as a person.

John Niland, Chief Executive, Provide

I’ve seen tangible benefits to my business through coaching, but I didn’t really understand the significance of exploring my emotional intelligence, or indeed how it could impact on my work. The process of undertaking the EBW assessment was quite thought provoking in itself, and, as I know myself pretty well, I thought I had a good idea of what the report would say. I was wrong! The results, and the feedback session with Rosemary were incredibly insightful, completely turning my perceptions around and with several ‘wow’ moments. From a practical perspective, investing in EBW has enabled me to look laterally at my thinking and to understand how I can better engage with and positively influence those around me – and it really works! Going through the EBW programme has been a really valuable investment in my leadership skills, which in turn is already having a positive impact on my business.

Kate Everett, Partner