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Do you get the most from your Vision?  There is a saying “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will do”. So what about your team and your suppliers. Do they know where you’re going and do they know how they can help you get there? Some suggested actions.

1. Ask yourself what is your vision (or goal if you prefer) for 6 months, 1 year, 3 years. Then for any decision where you have a choice, ask yourself “How is this contributing to my goals?” If the answer comes back that it doesn’t contribute, then challenge yourself on whether you want/need to do it.

2. If you have a business, or are in an organisation, Ask your team if they can tell you what the goal is. Tell them how you are contributing to the goal and then ask them how they believe they are contributing. When I work with teams, particularly when developing an understanding of their purpose, I frequently ask them to tell me the company vision. Unfortunately it is rare for them to be able to do so. One reason for this is that company visions are often created to catch every aspect and therefore become too long and complicated for anyone to remember and communicate.

There are two stories around this theme. One is well-known about the American President who went to NASA and asked a sweeper what his role was. The man replied “I put men on the moon”. The other relates to my former company KPMG. A secretarial temp went into the lift and, being chatty, started talking to the only other occupant. She asked him what he did and he replied “maintenance”. He was, in fact, the CEO. If your team members do not know what the goals are, how can they effectively contribute to them?

3. Ask relevant suppliers for their interpretation of your goals. Banks and Accountants should be supporting their clients in many more ways than the basic service. Does your Bank Manager or Accountant know your goals? Can they specify how they contribute to them through their services? Worth asking the questions!