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Are you the leader you wish to be in your career, business or organisation?

Whatever role you have, in today’s complex ever-changing environment there is never enough time to focus on your own leadership development. Those that manage to, are more effective, productive and rewarded.  They save time, focus on the right activities and empower their support people. They take the role of leaders wherever they are in their career or business. Leaders are not born, they are made and learn the art via a medium of techniques including coaching, e-learning and development programmes.

  • Do you have the time to develop yourself in addition to carrying out your role?
  • Are you focused on doing things right or the right things?
  • Are you recognised, valued and supported to be the best you can be?

Rosemary has an in-depth knowledge of leadership development from within corporates to high-growth SMEs and start-up businesses. Her mix of professional qualifications and practical experience will support you in realising your full potential. 

Rosemary has a unique blend of business performance, people development and change management knowledge from which she tailors what you need, when you need it to get the results you deserve.

Learn and receive support and guidance in applying these best practices to your leadership development.

How we work

The success and results that CC Consulting can achieve for your business are exceptional. We have a track record of successfully working in challenging business environments and motivating at all levels.

Our success comes down to the following attributes:

  • Action-centred and work-based context
  • Measured before, during and after attendance
  • Blended to deliver paced learning
  • Facilitated learning using coaching approach
  • Bespoke tailored approach focused on agreed objectives with measurable results
  • All CPD accredited


The 5 coaching sessions I have had with Rosemary so far have been highly productive and immensely valuable. We have worked through numerous topics and I now have a much clearer understanding of my beliefs and assumptions, and how they drive my thinking and approach to work. From our discussions and action planning, I now have a more objective way of assessing work situations and client interactions, as well as a stronger foundation overall. I would not hesitate to recommend Rosemary as a coach.

Johanne Westcott, Lawyer, Plan International (UK) Ltd

Inherent in Rosemary’s coaching is her ability to play back my thoughts in a clear and succinct manner, and combine these summaries with some very challenging questions that frequently make me think about – and question – my assumptions and values.Rosemary also instinctively knows when to switch from a questioning approach to a more directive one. Both approaches enable me to be more structured in developing goals and plans, and so far have provided me with valuable insights about how I approach work and my style. Not least, the coaching sessions are fun and energizing”.

Birgit Boyo, Director

Rosemary brings a great combination of business experience at the highest and complex levels of leadership with that of fantastic, supporting and challenging coaching skills. This is invaluable to a coachee. Meanting they can both check and brainstorm business problems and approaches, alongside the personal skills, confidence and motivation support and development required.

Rachel Woolf, Head of L&D Practice, London Consultancy

I found the programme valuable. Rosemary did an excellent job with the right balance of listening, guiding and sharing knowledge. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a coach.

International Lawyer