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Are you the Head of Leadership & Development struggling to demonstrate the return on investment of people attending leadership training? Does your organisation then experience the risk of people returning, feeling that their learning is being ignored or forgotten and then becoming disillusioned and leaving? Have you attended a course and returned to find your Line Manager treating you exactly the same, or, wanting to know what you have learnt so that they can use it to raise their profile? These are all challenges that I have heard from organisations, once the training has been delivered.

I am working with a large public sector organisation and have developed a framework to address these challenges. The framework ensures that:-

  1. The knowledge gained from course participants is shared across the organisation.
  2. The participants have an opportunity to continue their development and use their learning.
  3. The return on investment is actively measured and presented to the Board.

What is in the framework? The main elements are:-

  • Creation of a cohort of leadership development participants from across the organisation;
  • Creation of a list of initiatives to share and embed learning which include lunchtime masterclasses, e-learning videos, strategic projects
  • Delivery of coaching skills and a coaching programme for participants to coach high potentials, thereby creating a register of in-house coaches.
  • Measurement plan to capture impacts and progress across all the initiatives.

The benefits to the organisation have already been seen through some participants ceasing to look for jobs outside of the organisation. Through their strategic projects, one has identified a 25% reduction in workload across one administrative process. The Board has identified future leaders for their succession strategy and been able to delegate and empower that group to deliver innovative approaches, saving money, improving quality and raising job satisfaction for those involved. , Based on the research that demonstrates that employees who are “engaged” with the workforce increase performance, this gives an indicator value of up to £200k to the company.  For example, Towers Watson’s 2012 Global Workforce Study reported that companies with high and sustainable engagement levels had an average one-year operating margin that was close to three times higher than companies with low engagement levels. The Hay Group reported that organisations in the top quartile of engagement scores demonstrated revenue growth 2.5 times greater than those organisations in the bottom quartile.

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