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How to get the most from your vision

Crafting a vision can take time, however ensuring that it can be spoken by your people, suppliers and even customers is just as important. This article gives three actions to get the most from your vision.

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Twenty questions to assess your leadership performance

I recently posted a blog on LinkedIn which invited people to take a leadership performance assessment based on how “authentic” they were. The assessment is based on the excellent book "Why should anyone be led by you?" by Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones and looks at what...

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The Leadership Radar

Growing your business is very much like driving your car. You need to have a focus on three levels. First of all, the longer-term view down the road. Are you heading in the right direction? Is what the business doing going to get you to your goals? In fact, do you...

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3 steps to more sales

Some time ago, I wrote a blog called the 5/5/5 marketing approach.  Whilst coaching a client the other day about growing her business, I adapted this to fit in with her time commitment and preferences.  Nobody likes picking up the phone and many of us over-rely on...

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3 No-Cost Ways to Protect your IP

Whenever I am coaching senior leaders, I ask them what they have in place to protect their intellectual property.  Many of them answer - "well, we don't really have any IP" to which I point out to them, their brand, logo, name, blog content, marketing material,...

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Why First Line Manager Training is so Important

I often say to myself and hear others say, "If only I had known how to motivate, lead and manage people earlier in my career".  The first years in a career are usually spent on technical training and as you progress, you move on to supervising, then becoming a Team...

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The 5 Priorities for Leaders

During my leadership development programmes, there is great discussion about what makes a leader great. Many of the leaders I coach are dramatically growing their businesses in rapidly changing environments. They are responsible for not only their leadership role but...

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I’ve been on the training course….now what?

Are you the Head of Leadership & Development struggling to demonstrate the return on investment of people attending leadership training? Does your organisation then experience the risk of people returning, feeling that their learning is being ignored or forgotten...

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So what are you going to do?

I have had two conversations recently with Senior Executives who have had to have a "performance management" conversation with one of their employees. In each case, they positioned the conversation around the impact on the business and gave all the reasons why...

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