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Stakeholder-centred coaching

The approach is highly-effective and time-efficient and involves the following elements

  • World-leading Marshall Goldsmith accredited Stakeholder-Centred Coaching programmes
  • Engage your stakeholders in your business development through practical observations
  • Explore, evaluate and validate your own perceptions and how others see you
  • Use industry leading tools tailored to your business to achieve significant and measurable result
  • The CC Consulting Stakeholder-Centred Coaching programme includes a success guarantee
  • Used by numerous Fortune companies across the world including Dell, IBM, Glaxo Smith Klyne and Microsoft

The Stakeholder-Centred Coaching program includes a success guarantee. Our commitment is to support leaders to become more effective in their organisation, and that commitment is demonstrated in our coaching service fee structure where 50% to 100% of the coaching fees for the year long program are subject to measurable change of the leaders as assessed by his/her stakeholders.

Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder-Centred Coaching Programmes

Dedicated, accredited programmes with guaranteed and measureable leadership growth

Most leaders know what effective leadership looks like and are aware of the skills and competencies required to deliver high performance in themselves and their teams. Putting these attributes into practice on a daily basis, when also trying to balance high complexity and dramatic change can be challenging, requiring unconscious competence based on consistent behaviours.

Executive coaching typically involves the leader and his Coach involved in sessions “outside” the working environment. The feedback is only provided by the leader and the Coach is unable to observe behaviours. Involving selected stakeholders brings the development into the practical day-to-day working environment to achieve measurable long-term change.

The Stakeholder-Centered Coaching Approach

“95% of leaders who consistently involved stakeholders measurably improved their effectiveness”*

Stakeholder-Centred Coaching is highly-effective and time-efficient; it is used with great success by numerous Fortune companies across the world including Dell, IBM, Glaxo Smith Klyne and Microsoft.

The constantly evaluated process includes behavioural interviews, diagnostic assessments, the identification of leadership growth areas, masterclasses and a programme of coaching and action-planning sessions over a twelve-month period.

Stakeholder-Centered Coaching does not require any additional time commitments from busy business executives as the coaching and leadership change process is integrated in his/her work-based leadership role.

*Results from 11,000 business leaders in 8 multinational companies on 4 continents. Source: ‘Leadership is a Contact Sport’ (Strategy & Business)

How we work

The success and results that CC Consulting can achieve for your business are exceptional. We have a track record of successfully working in challenging business environments and motivating at all levels.

Our success comes down to the following attributes:

  • Action-centred and work-based context
  • Measured before, during and after attendance
  • Blended to deliver paced learning
  • Facilitated learning using coaching approach
  • Bespoke tailored approach focused on agreed objectives with measurable results
  • All CPD accredited


I have found Rosemary’s support to be of particular use when various strategic options are being considered.  Her ability to ask the right questions at the right time was of great help in “uncluttering” the thinking whilst her clear expertise in stakeholder management was invaluable in removing potential “blockers” to progress at just the right time.

Andrew Long