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Growing your business is very much like driving your car. You need to have a focus on three levels.

First of all, the longer-term view down the road. Are you heading in the right direction? Is what the business doing going to get you to your goals? In fact, do you have clear goals that everyone is working towards?

Secondly the immediate view in front of you. What needs to be dealt with today and tomorrow? What are the vital few things that only you can do?

Finally, you look behind for the reverse view. . This will include “Who is coming up behind me?” as well as a reflective “What has worked and what have I learnt that I can put into practice?”. This reverse view can give you real insights into how you might need to do something different if you are not getting the results you want or need.

Regularly asking yourself these questions can ensure that you are driving your business in the right direction, you are aware of the immediate operational challenges and you are both learning and aware of the competition.

All of this sounds like common sense, however, the challenge can be that the “urgent” takes priority over the “important” and you just don’t get the time to focus on the longer-term goals or reflect on the past. There are a number of ways to make The Leadership Radar work for you. Firstly, try putting some time into your diary, as a meeting, to reflect on these questions. Perhaps at the end of the day, week or month. Or set it as a meeting agenda with your team and get their views. Often this is when a Business Coach is most helpful as they can “hold you to account” and raise the important questions to keep you on track.