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CC Consulting – Demonstration Tool

Welcome to the CC Consulting Demonstration Tools area. Here at CCC we use a variety of different processes to help you and your organisation improve. The purpose of these demonstration tools is to give you a glimpse into our business practices and to hopefully provide you with some useful information to help you start on your route towards success.

Please select either the “Know Your Customer” tool or “Leadership” tool from the links below.

Leadership coaching and consulting

Leadership Coaching and Consulting supports individuals, teams and businesses to reach their goals, saving time, maximising performance and developing motivated high-performing teams.

Rosemary operates on a portfolio and freelance basis and has access to an impressive network of professionals who she can call on where necessary to deliver larger-scale projects.

To get a brief glimpse of how this might work with your company, please follow the link below and take a walk through this tool!

KYC Tool

Know Your Customer Tool

Welcome to the know your customer tool!

Getting to know your customers is an essential business need. Here at C C Consulting we use our own methods for analysing your customers.

The idea is to understand what your customer views as important and then scoring you on how well you actually do. It is this relationship between what is important and how well you perform that we explore with this tool.

To get a brief glimpse of how this might work with your company, please follow the link below and take a walk through this tool!

How we work

The success and results that CC Consulting can achieve for your business are exceptional. We have a track record of successfully working in challenging business environments and motivating at all levels.

Our success comes down to the following attributes:

  • Action-centred and work-based context
  • Measured before, during and after attendance
  • Blended to deliver paced learning
  • Facilitated learning using coaching approach
  • Bespoke tailored approach focused on agreed objectives with measurable results
  • All CPD accredited


Rosemary has supported our growth within the Growth Accelerator programme. We have developed our strategy and a roadmap and action plan and we have also made significant progress with our structure, management, performance reward framework and staff engagement. Rosemary has provided many tools and has also been flexible in helping us address one-off challenges, including our own leadership development. We are now keen to continue the journey and would like to “go again” with this type of programme!

Claire Finn, Director, Finn Jordan

“My business has grown 20% in the first year and 15% in the second with Rosemary supporting me every step of the way. Guiding, challenging and helping me develop myself, my team and my business”.

Kirsten Corrigan, MD, Method Creative (Digital Marketing & Brand Agency).