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I often say to myself and hear others say, “If only I had known how to motivate, lead and manage people earlier in my career”.  The first years in a career are usually spent on technical training and as you progress, you move on to supervising, then becoming a Team Leader and finally a Line Manager.  More often than not, the competencies and skills needed to successfully lead people is never addressed.  Everyone is supposed to “know”. Too often it is when something goes wrong, that the “problem” is recognised and it becomes an issue of performance coaching or training.  Why should we know how to understand, inspire and engage with our reports?  What abilities are seen as “natural” in the task of delegating?  There is now a shift in employee expectations of leaders.  No longer does the title confer authority.  It has to be earned and people choose to follow a leader.  Research shows that the most frequent reason people leave is due to issues with their Supervisor or Line Manager.  This affects the bottom line in terms of productivity, loss of knowledge and replacement recruitment costs.  Ensuring your Line Managers know how to manage and lead people is a business imperative and competitive advantage. See other articles on this subject at  “Don’t promote without teaching how to Lead” and “How to take care of your front-line supervisors”.  For these reasons I have developed a CPD accredited Managing People Training Programme.  Find out more here or contact me direct. – here